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iBienvenidos a la clase de espanol con la maestra Senora V!  Welcome to Spanish class with the teacher Senora V!   In Lincoln Park Elementary School students in grades K-4 will be exposed to the Spanish language and culture once a week for 40 minutes.  They will also learn Spanish all year long from September-June. 

I also teach English as a Second Language (E.S.L.) to some of the fourth graders at LPES. 



I come from a Spanish speaking background.  My mom is from Colombia.  I was born in Florida and when I was three years old, I moved down to Colombia with my brother and lived in Cali with my grandparents and my aunts for a year.  We lived in Colombia so that my mom could go to school full time to become a hair stylist. When we moved back to NJ to live with my parents again, I had forgotten English and only spoke in Spanish.  Shortly after I started kindergarten, I became an E.S.L. (English as a Second Language) student for a short time.  Almost every summer, my family and I would visit my family in Cali and Bogota, Colombia.  I took Spanish in Middle School, four years of it in high school, and majored in Elementary Education and Spanish from Rider University in Lawrenceville, NJ.   I have been a Spanish and ESL teacher since September 1997.  I have taught at the Elementary, Middle, High School, and college level in public and private schools in northern N.J. all this time.  I am working towards creating roots in the Lincoln Park School District.  I want to build a strong Spanish program for the students in Lincoln Park.  

The following topics will be covered:


*Greetings and Good-byes, How are you?  Very well, thank you. (Buenos Dias song)

* What's your name?  My name is _______.  (Como Te Llamas song) 

*  Colors (Los Colores song)

* Numbers 1-10 (1, 2, 3 Amigos song)

*Shapes: square, triangle, circle, rectangle, rhombus, Oval  (Shapes song)

* Parts of a face:  face, eyes, ears, nose mouth  (Face song)

*  The family (La Familia Song)

*Food, likes and dislikes



*Greetings and Good-byes

*Brown Bear Project

*I like foods

*Classroom objects



*  Family

*  Parts of the Face 


Brown Bear Project

*Date, seasons, weather





The third graders will be participating in Culture Day.  The students cannot wait for you to see what they will be performing in Spanish that day!


*Discussing likes and dislikes

*Describing themselves

*Parts of the body

*AR-ending verbs in the infinitive form

I have the students take home their Spanish papers at the end of every marking period.  Be on the lookout for the Spanish lessons that they had during that time.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


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